Tooth Cleaning

Tooth Cleaning

Tooth Cleaning

Prevention Against Decay and Inflammation

Tooth stones are formed by foreign substances that are harmful to the natural tooth structure. This can cause diseases such as tooth decay and gingivitis.

[The plaque is formed with the accumulation of food residues and bacteria on the teeth. After a while, the hardened plaque forms tooth stones.]

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Cleaning

How is Dental Cleaning Performed?

Ultrasonic devices are used. Large pieces of tooth stone are removed with a cavitron device, and the remains are cleaned by spraying water into the mouth. Small tartars are cleaned with fine-tipped tools. Polish or fluoride paste is applied to the tooth surface for a smooth and shiny appearance.

Can tooth stone Cleaning Be Performed at Home?

Attempting to clean dental stones at home with instruments that are not suitable for dental treatment and whose sterilization is questionable can cause serious harm to your health.

[Since tooth stones are hard structures that cannot be removed with a normal toothbrush, the cleaning process should be performed by professionals in a clinic.]

How Long Does Dental Cleaning Take?

Depending on the density of the tooth stones, it takes a maximum of 45 minutes. For people, who perform their oral care regularly and well, dental cleaning is completed in 10 minutes.

What are the Benefits of Professional Dental Cleaning?

✓ It prevents the formation of tooth decay and gingivitis.
✓ Cleaning the tooth stone prevents yellowing of the teeth and provides an aesthetic appearance.
✓ You will not have the problem of bad breath caused by tooth stones.
✓ Professional tooth stone cleaning does not harm the teeth.
✓ Dental cleaning provides general oral hygiene.

How Often Should Dental Cleaning Be Performed?

Dental cleaning performed every 6 months will be beneficial for the protection of oral health.

Can I Eat Immediately After Dental Cleaning?

Food can be consumed after 1 hour.

Will I Experience Tooth Sensitivity After Treatment?

There may be cold and hot sensitivity after the procedure. Even if there is sensitivity, it improves in 1 day.

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