Pink Aesthetics

Pink Aesthetics

Pink Aesthetics

Gum Aesthetics

A healthy and aesthetic gingiva should be light pinkish and firmly attached to the teeth and bone tissue.

[Operations for improving the general health of the gum and their aesthetic harmony with the teeth are called “pink aesthetics”.]

Frequently Asked Questions About Pink Aesthetics

Who Can Have Gum Aesthetics?

✓ People whose gums appear larger than normal when smiling.
✓ People who have a gum line incompatible with the teeth.
✓ People who want to improve their dental aesthetics with digital smile design.

[If there are complaints such as inflammation, bleeding, and pain, these should be treated first before the gum aesthetics operation.]

How is Pink Aesthetics Performed?

There are 4 common procedures for gum aesthetics and health: regenerative, gingivoplasty, gingivectomy, and crown lengthening.

Regenerative Treatment: This is a treatment applied especially to the gum that has lost its health due to inflammatory diseases. The inflammatory gum tissue is cleaned, drugs and tissue-stimulating protein supplements are used for the formation of new tissue.

Gingivoplasty Treatment: The process of shaping the gum with a laser is called gingivoplasty. Gingivoplasty, which is an operation performed to ensure symmetry, aims to increase the quality of the aesthetic smile and to bring the teeth to the fore when smiling.

Gingivectomy Treatment: The process of shortening the gum length with laser and removing the excess is called the gingivectomy. Gingivectomy is performed to eliminate the aesthetic problem caused by the prominence of the gum. The gum, which takes up more space than the teeth structure, also causes problems in terms of oral hygiene. Food residues that can be hidden between the gums in excess can cause bacterial growth.

Crown Lengthening Treatment: It is a procedure performed when the upper part of the tooth, called the crown, goes behind the gum line. Crown lengthening is primarily a way of repairing a tooth with intact root tissue. The visibility of the crown provides an advantage in terms of dental aesthetics.

[In pink aesthetics, one treatment may be sufficient for a quality smile, while sometimes multiple treatments may be necessary.]

Does It Hurt During the Pink Aesthetics Operation?

Gum aesthetics is performed with local anesthesia. You won’t feel pain.

What are the Advantages of Pink Aesthetics?

✓ An aesthetic look is gained with harmony between the teeth and the gum.
✓ A better smile is obtained.
✓ A healthy gum structure prevents future problems.

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