Implant With Bone Graft

Implant With Bone Graft

Implant With Bone Graft

Dental Bone Graft Treatment

In cases where there is not sufficient bone tissue for a dental implant, graft treatment is a solution.

[The purpose of dental bone graft treatment is to form the bone tissue and density that the implant screw can hold healthily.]

Frequently Asked Questions About Bone Powder Treatment

Who Can Get Graft Treatment?

✓ People who do not have sufficient bone tissue for the implant.
✓ People who cannot use All-on-4 and zygomatic implant options in bone deficiency.

Which Bone Powder is Used in Treatment?

Bone powder treatment is usually performed with tissues obtained from healthy parts of the mouth. This is called an autogenous bone graft. Depending on the conditions, bone powders of animal origin may be preferred.

[ At Novus Clinic, we use synthetically produced bone grafts containing inorganic substances such as calcium, magnesium, etc. in the bone. .]

How is the grafting procedure performed?

Only oral, maxillofacial, and dental surgeons can perform the bone powder procedure. The area where there is insufficient bone tissue is incised by the surgeon and bone powder is added. Then, the opened area is closed so that the bone powder can hold.

Will It Hurt During Bone Graft Procedure?

The grafting procedure is performed with local anesthesia. There is no pain or ache. General anesthesia can be preferred in people with special conditions.

How Long Does Bone Powder Treatment Last?

Factors such as the extent of bone deficiency and the type of implant treatment to be applied to the grafted area determine the duration. After an average of 3-4 months, the implant can be placed in the area where the bone powder is added.

[Implants inserted after bone grafting have as much success rate as implants applied to healthy bones.]

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