Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design

Dental Aesthetics

Part of having facial beauty is to have good-looking teeth.

[Aesthetic dentistry aims to contribute to facial beauty by producing healthy, natural teeth.]

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Aesthetics

What is a Smile Design?

The treatment of all aesthetic deficiencies with the mouth, teeth, and jaw area is called smile design.

[It is possible to foresee the result in digital smile design. Thanks to the 3D imaging technology, a special computer program, and the mock-up method, a rehearsal is performed first. This way, unpleasant surprises are avoided.]

How is Digital Design Performed?

Photos of the face, chin, and mouth of the person are taken, videotaped, and transferred to a special computer program that offers 3D analysis. In this program, a smile design is created in three dimensions.

[In creating the digital plan, the teeth model’s harmony with the lip lines, the effect of the face and jaw structure on the design are evaluated.]

It is not sufficient to see the smile design in the digital environment. The final decision is made after the mock-up. Printing out the digital plan for rehearsal in the mouth is called the mock-up. The tooth structure is obtained using a silicone mold, and wax teeth are placed while the design is transferred to this model.

[The aesthetic dentist inspects the final details on the mock-up and makes the necessary corrections.]

Which Treatments Are Used in Smile Design?

✓ Zirconium dental veneer.
✓ Lamina (porcelain) dental veneer.
✓ E-Max Dental Veneer.
✓ Bonding.
✓ Pink Aesthetics.
✓ Dental bleaching.

[Sometimes you can achieve dental aesthetics with a single application in smile design, while sometimes more than one procedure may be required.]

What are the Advantages of Digital Smile Design?

✓ It completes the facial aesthetics and gives the person self-confidence.
✓ Aesthetic dental applications are healthy and long-lasting.
✓ It helps prevent gum diseases.
✓ It improves chewing quality.
✓ It helps maintain the health of other teeth in the mouth.
✓ Aesthetic dental applications look natural and stylish.

[There is no room for error in digital smile design. The most suitable model is applied without error.]

Which Dental Aesthetics Do You Need?

Zirconium Dental Veneers
Lamina Dental Veneer
E-Max Dental Veneer
Pink Aesthetics
Dental Bleaching