Coming to the inspection

Coming to the inspection

Coming to the inspection

Thank you for choosing our clinic.

Before you come to your first appointment, carefully reading the information below will make your first appointment more productive.

What We Want to Know on Your First Date:

When and why did you last visit a dentist? If you have x-rays taken during this visit, please bring them with you.

If you have any systemic disease (such as heart, blood pressure, goiter, diabetes) and medications you take regularly (such as aspirin), you should definitely inform us.

Keep the names and phone numbers of your doctors who deal with these diseases with you.

Let us know if you have special circumstances such as pregnancy.

If you have toothache:

a) When did the pain occur and how long did it last?

b) Which external factors (cold, hot, sweet, pressure) cause the pain to reappear?

c) Have you had swelling on your face?

d) Have you taken any medication? Are you taking it? Please let us know by writing the names of the drugs.

What are your expectations from us? If you have special requests for aesthetic purposes, please let us know by writing them on a piece of paper.